Rob Spillar

Senior Vice President, National Director of Smart Cities
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VISION: What Is an Innovation Zone?

Rob, an STV Senior Vice President and leader of the firm’s multidisciplinary Smart Cities practice, is an internationally recognized executive with proven success in urban mobility innovations, transit and freeway development, and large-scale multimodal infrastructure deployment. A professional civil engineer in Washington State and Texas with 35 years of experience across the public and private sectors, he has managed multimodal transportation programs in both Seattle and Austin. This experience provides him unique insights into the role of big data in planning, prioritizing, and justifying capital expenditures. He is adept at working with our clients in developing innovative funding approaches for municipal infrastructure, transit programs, and traffic operations. As the founding Former Director of the Austin Transportation Department (ATD), Rob has developed a unique perspective at the intersection of mobility, technology, and public space while creating forward-looking transportation engineering policies for municipal operations.

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