Meet the Judges

Caroline Mays

Director of Planning and Modal Programs

Ginger Goodin

Blue Door Strategy and Research

Kirk Steudle

Steudle Executive Group

Rob Spillar

Senior Vice President, National Director of Smart Cities

Tim Drake

ITS America




Judges will select up to two winners on September 19, 2023 to receive the following:

How to launch an Innovation Zone

Innovation Zone Guidelines

An Innovation Zone is a district where stakeholders collaborate to test, deploy, and scale creative transportation solutions.

Why Innovation Zones?
The Texas population is booming and new technologies are available to make the roads safer, reduce congestion, increase accessibility, and optimize limited resources. An Innovation Zone will enable your region to test advanced technologies locally while gaining valuable lessons learned from other Innovation Zones around the state.

What are the benefits? Innovation Zones will enable your region to readily deploy advanced mobility technologies, partner with local community and industry leaders, and compete for federal funding.

    Identify regional stakeholders (city, transit, TxDOT, county, port, university, etc.) who will collaborate to develop an Innovation Zone.

  • MAY - JUNE
    Schedule a time to meet with Alliance staff, identify/prioritize potential locations, and develop ideas for your Innovation Zone.

  • JULY 17-19
    Teams attend the Innovation Invitational in Austin where your team presents ideas, develop partnerships, and advance development of Innovation Zone concepts.

    Teams meet locally to debrief, incorporate ideas from the Innovation Invitational, and prepare presentations

    Teams present Innovation Zone concepts to TxDOT leadership and a panel of experts. Winners selected and receive recognition at Fall Texas Technology Task Force Meeting and on TxDOT's website.

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