Texas Innovation Alliance
About us
The Texas Innovation Alliance is a peer-to-peer network of Texas cities, transportation agencies, and research institutions committed to developing shared solutions to the state’s most pressing challenges – safety, congestion, and accessibility.
The Alliance conducts deep-dives on advanced technologies, provides technical and grant writing assistance, and organizes the annual Texas Mobility Summit.
Why Texas?

Resilient Freight Network

Moving more than 3.3 billion tons of freight is at the heart of the Texas economy. The state is prioritizing resilience across its network, preparing for long-haul automation down to last-mile grocery delivery.

Business Friendly Regulation

With a legistlature focused on removing regulatory hurdles for businesses to succeed, Texas is a model proving ground to safely usher in the next generation of transportation technologies

Booming Population

The Texas population is expected to break 54 million by 2050, increasing the need for smarter infrastructure and multimodal solutions.
Research Teams
Grant Readiness
Highlighting the increasing importance of data to build smarter transportation systems
Ensuring access for everyone
Investing in a accessible and interconnected future
Connected & Automated Vehicles
Leveraging future mobility technologies to address new challenges
Preparing for an EV frontier
Freight & Logistics
Strengthening Texas’s supply chains