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The Texas Innovation Alliance is a peer-to-peer network of Texas cities, transportation agencies, and research institutions committed to developing shared solutions to the state’s most pressing challenges – safety, congestion, and accessibility.
The Alliance conducts deep-dives on advanced technologies, provides technical and grant writing assistance, and organizes the annual Texas Mobility Summit.
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November 13, 2023
Hosted by the UT Austin Center for Transportation Research, the C. Michael Walton and Zhanmin Zhang Fellowships include the development and presentation of a white paper on a topic of the student's choice as well as professional development opportunities.
Intersection Safety Technical Tools & Community Engagement StrategiesUAS Strategies for Texas First Responders
An electric self driving car parked with doors open
March 10, 2024
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An electric self driving car parked with doors open
February 9, 2024
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An electric self driving car parked with doors open
August 10, 2022
Congressional offices have started announcing where RAISE grants will be awarded
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An outline of the city of austin on a blue background
Highlighting the increasing importance of data to build smarter transportation systems
Two passengers riding a bus with one person sitting on a wheelchair
Ensuring access for everyone
Person boarding a yellow bus
Investing in a accessible and interconnected future
a highway with many cars that are connected with self driving technologies
Connected & Automated Vehicles
Leveraging future mobility technologies to address new challenges
a transmission tower
Preparing for an EV frontier
a cargo shipped docked at a freight yard
Freight & Logistics
Strengthening Texas’s supply chains