Marc Williams

Executive Director
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Fireside Chat: State of Automated Systems

Marc D. Williams serves as executive director of the Texas Department of Transportation and is honored to work with the women and men of TxDOT to enhance the quality of life for Texans by delivering on our Mission. Williams' career experience in transportation planning and program efforts includes public- and private-sector organizations involving state, county and local jurisdictions. He has served in leadership positions with two state departments of transportation and has worked with national, private-sector transportation engineering organizations. His professional assignments have included directing statewide transportation planning and programming efforts as well as managing project-specific highway and multimodal transportation plans and programs. He has worked extensively with public and agency outreach, transportation plans of various modes, regional and corridor-level plans and programs, environmental planning and approval, economics and finance, project design and development, along with work in the areas of construction management, operations and maintenance.

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October 27 - 29
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