About the

The Alliance envisions an action network that enables partners to leverage resources, co-create solutions, and share results for improving the delivery of mobility services to Texas communities. The Alliance follows its mission to improve the lives, safety, and economic prospects of Texans by applying ingenuity to the transportation system, leveraging collective talent, resources, and solutions.

Core values


Serving all communities through solutions that empower people to participate in the innovation process, promote inclusion, and improve quality of life.


Engaging in stakeholder dialogue to break down silos, build public-private partnerships, and strengthen relationships between governments and communities.

Culture of innovation

Championing an entrepreneurial spirit that supports shared risk, a pilot-learn-scale model of deployment, and an ethos of continuous improvement.


Providing all community members with access to mobility options that meet the diversity of socioeconomic, cultural, and convenience needs.

of Practice

Action in the Face of Uncertainty.

Together, we have the opportunity to leverage our collective talent, expertise, and resources to share in the risk and chart a course of action.

The Alliance is organizing four Working Groups that correspond to the four focus areas.  The Working Groups will serve as communities of practice that continue to evolve with their priorities.  

The Working Groups will set their agendas on an as needed basis to correspond to community needs, advances in technology, and funding opportunities.